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Many moons ago, I taught middle school Special Education. While much has changed since then, my dedication to teaching and my conviction that education is a source of empowerment has not.

Courses I Would Be Excited to Teach
Introduction to IR (Undergraduate)
Introduction to Comparative Politics (Undergraduate)
Probability Theory (Undergraduate)
Civil War & Ethnic Conflict (Undergraduate and Graduate)
The Politics of Terrorism (Undergraduate and Graduate)
Introduction to Linear Regression (Graduate)
Transparent Research Design (Graduate)
Computational Techniques for Social Science (Graduate)
Ending Civil Wars (Graduate)

Undergraduate Teaching at the University of Southern California
Terrorism and Counterterrorism (Fall 2019, Fall 2020)
Violent Conflict (Spring 2020)
Historical Approaches to IR (Fall 2020)
Religion and Conflict (Spring 2021)

Previous Experience Mentoring Undergraduate Students
Student Mentoring and Research Teams (1 student)
Undergraduate Research Apprentice Program (8 students)

Undergraduate research mentee Michael Obuchi presenting collaborative research project